NJ Corporation Business Tax (CBT) E-Pay Mandate

by Thomas Aromando

For tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2016, corporations must make all payments electronically to the State of New Jersey. This means that the 2016 estimated tax payments (for corporation calendar years beginning 1/1/2016) are now required to be paid electronically. For calendar year taxpayers, the 2016 estimated payments (CBT-150) are due 4/18/2016, 6/15/2016, 9/15/2016 and 12/15/2016. If there are any payments due when the 2015 tax return is prepared or with the 2015 extension of time to file, those payments can still be made with the voucher and by check.

The State of New Jersey will assess a $50 penalty for each payment that is not paid electronically. You can make the payment one of two ways – either by e-check or credit card. Both payment methods require that you log on to the State of NJ website at www.nj.gov/treasury/taxation/. To log into your business account, click on the box “Business Tax Payment”. Then click on “Corporations” and “Other Corporation Business Tax Payments”. This gets you to the webpage Corporation Business Tax Online Services and Payment Services. You can log into your business account using your 12 digit NJ ID, which is your federal ID plus three zeros, and then you need either your four-digit PIN or the Business Name.

Once in your account, select the payment type. The second box down is to make a single payment by e-check or Credit Card. If you pay by Credit Card, fees will be charged. No fees are charged for e-check. You can schedule all four CBT-150 estimated payments in the fourth box down. To schedule all four payments, calendar year taxpayers should select Jan-Dec in the dropdown box, and then select 2016 for the Year, and hit Submit. Follow the instructions to make payment by e-check.

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